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Just like our bodies, it's pretty easy to fill our bank accounts with all sorts of junk food

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Hi, I'm Michelle Bobrow, CPFC®!


I’m a Financial Coach & Educator and Founder of The Holistic Wallet, Inc. where I teach business owners and ambitious professionals how to manage their money in fun and simple ways.

I started my personal finance journey fresh out of college with over $50,000 in debt and paid everything off (and stashed just as much in savings) while still creating a lifestyle that supported my vision to live my life on my terms.

Learning how to design a financial plan with a budget and a debt-repayment plan and an investing strategy for my savings was GREAT. But I could have been more successful way sooner if I had only tidied up my money and mindset FIRST!

That’s why I created the Mindful Money Makeover and made this finance stuff FUN & SIMPLE!

In this FREEBIE, we'll cover...

What you REALLY think about money

Where did you receive your financial education? Probably not your best bet if it's from your broke uncle...

Where you stand financially right NOW

Knowing where your money's coming from and where it's going isn't as scary as it sounds!

How to systemize everything magically

This isn't like cleaning out your closet only to blow it up in a month. This makeover will LAST.

As featured in...

The Mindful Money Makeover is a simple, easy-to-follow program to help you get a clear view of your finances.

After you finish the 7 fun-sized steps, you'll have WAY more cash to reach BIG savings goals and start your journey to becoming financially FREE.

Wouldn't it be marvelous to have...

A STRONG grasp on how you spend your money, work towards your life goals, and NOT have to obsess over every penny?

I'm going to answer for you: YES IT WOULD!


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