The Holistic Wallet's Self-Study Personal Finance Products

#MoneyGoals Training

Not sure where to even start with your finances? START HERE! You'll finish this training with a clear plan of action ...

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Budgets & Big Things

$197.00 USD

When you think about your money, would you rather cover your eyes and ears and go “la la la la la?”Or wou...

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Mindful Money Makeover


Start this FREE 7-step program to jumpstart your financial empowerment with fun and easy hands-on challenges!

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Money Mindset Lab

$97.00 USD

The best financial strategies are out there!...but they’ll be absolutely meaningless if you don’t get you...

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The Alt-Budget System for Entrepreneurs

$97.00 USD

If you thought your revenue would cover your ideal life but still feel like you'll never make enough consistently as ...

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Financial First Steps

$37.00 USD

If you're ready to DIY your own easy-to-follow financial plan, this program will walk you through setting goals, desi...

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The Alt-Budget Training

$67.00 USD

Budgeting doesn’t work for everyone. (Read: Budgeting doesn’t work for ANYONE!) It’s true. So if y...

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Debt Demolition Workshop

$49.00 USD

No need for expensive consolidation here! You will finish this program with your own customized and easy-to-impl...

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Windfall Workshop

$97.00 USD

AVAILABLE MAY 1ST. When you're afraid to have more money because you don't know what to do with it (and not waste the...

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